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Newborn - In Home

Rights released, digital images included

  • 3 hr
  • 400 US dollars

Service Description

Congratulations on your new little one! If you prefer, and there’s enough natural light, I can bring the newborn setup to you, and we can do it in your home. We take as many pictures as you want/we can get and you can add members of the family to this session, for no additional charge. Following your photo session, I go through and edit the pictures (usually takes me about a week or two), and then send you a digital link that allows you to download all your full-resolution digital images instantly. A backup flash drive of the images can be purchased if desired. I also sign a release that allows you to print/use/post the pictures anywhere and anytime you want. Please note, you don't get any actual PRINTS directly from me, but you do receive ALL the edited digital images and the rights to print/use those however you would like. For your convenience, I also upload the images to an online album, which allows you to view and order professional quality prints, if you choose, as well as email to people for viewing and purchasing on their own. I keep print prices very reasonable so that you are able to get the best quality prints at reasonable prices. I highly recommend taking advantage of this option. You will see a significant difference in quality, over discount lab prints. Here's that site, if you want to see how your online album will appear. For scheduling, most families just message me from the hospital and we set something up for a few days after you plan to be home. And as crazy as it sounds, newborn sessions are booked for three hours. I’m not shooting for three hours straight, but that definitely allows for time for feedings and comforting and calming baby back into restful-looking poses. And they do typically take 2.5 to 3 hours. Ideally, newborn photos are done as close to birth as possible. Preferably in the first seven days of life, but of course, it can be past that as well, in case those first few days are a little too overwhelming to fit in photos. But they are more sleepy and curled up at the beginning. After about day 10, they definitely start stretching out more and start looking a little less new.

Location Options

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Metro Area & surrounding Apple Valley, MN, USA

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